Illness and accidents

A posted worker could be entitled to receive wages in the event of illness and accidents while working in Iceland.

A posted worker's right to wages from their employer in the event of illness and accidents depends on the length of employment at the company. In the first twelve months of employment, the employee is entitled to two days per each worked month in proportion to the employee‘s job ratio.

If the employee has worked for more than one year in Iceland, his rights to wages in the event of illness or accidents are per Article 5 of Act No. 19/1979 of Respecting Workers’ Right to Advance Notice of Termination of Employment and to Wage on Account of Absence through Illness or Accidents.

If a collective agreement has been negotiated which could provide additional rights in the event of illness and accidents, it shall govern the rights and obligations of the employee during the period of posting in Iceland. These rights vary depending on the applicable collective agreement. Trade unions can provide further information about the provisions of collective agreements.

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Icelandic Confederation of Labour (ASÍ)
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