Health and accident Insurance

Posted workers are generally not insured against illness and accidents in Iceland. The S1 certificate ensures entitlement to healthcare while posted in Iceland and must be submitted to the Icelandic Health Insurance.

Accident insurance

Workers employed in Iceland are regarded as being insured against accidents (cf. Act No 45/2015), providing they meet certain conditions. This insurance applies generally only to workers who work and receive wages paid in Iceland. Exemptions from accident insurance in Iceland may be granted if workers are demonstrably insured in their home countries under the accident insurance legislation of their home country and S1 certificate has been issued.

Workers posted in Iceland by a foreign company who receive wages in their home country are not generally considered as being insured against accidents in Iceland.

Health insurance

Posted workers and temporary agency workers who come to Iceland to work temporarily must submit an S1 certificate to the Icelandic Health Insurance to obtain health insurance in Iceland. The S1 certificate is issued by the country were the individual is currently insured and is issued with the A1 certificate.

S1 certificates may be sent by e-mail to or by post to Icelandic Health Insurance, International department, Vínlandsleið 16, 113 Reykjavik).

Do you have questions? Then please contact:

The Icelandic Health Insurance
Tel: +354 515 0000

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