General Information is a website containing key information regarding the rights and obligations of foreign service companies and their employees who are posted temporarily in Iceland. These employees are generally referred to as posted workers, a term which is used throughout this website. While workers are posted in Iceland, they are entitled to certain rights and foreign service companies are obliged to conform to Icelandic laws while operating in Iceland.

According to Directive 2014/67 EU of the European Parliament and the Council, Iceland is obliged to provide an information portal for foreign service companies and posted workers where links to relevant sources of information can be found. The purpose of this website is to provide brief and precise information regarding the content of each issue with links to relevant websites which the reader can click on to study the matter further.

This website includes information regarding wages and benefits, occupational health and safety, taxation, professional recognition, registrations at Registers Iceland and information about registering foreign service companies at The Directorate of Labour.

All suggestions and inquires related to these matters can be sent via e-mail to

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